3 Myths About Hiring Exposed

One of the hardest tasks for businesses is hiring new employees. With a number of important areas to consider, this is made even harder by the conflicting advice floating around the industry. Too often this results in an attitude of defeat, where there are no good candidates or that managers are only looking at qualifications. In reality, hiring is not nearly as black and white as employers or job seekers might envision.

With our years of experience as a labour recruitment agency, we have encountered many misconceptions. So today we are debunking 3 of the most common myths.

Too Many jobs turns off potential employers

While moving from job to job does not have the stigma it used to, many managers are often still cautious about employing someone who appears to ‘job hop’. However, this can result in a company missing out on a valuable candidate who is open to change and innovative, with a wealth of skills.  For businesses concerned with loyalty, today many managers find the contributions employees make to the company is way more important than the timeframe they work there.

Recruitment agencies are only useful for big companies

Recruitment agencies like Labour Hire and Recruitment provide results for businesses and organisations from a variety of industries and sizes. In fact, many small businesses strongly benefit from the experience and knowledge a recruitment agency brings. They may possess more connections than more modestly-sized businesses. Another advantage is at Labour Hire and Recruitment, our consultants have industry experience so they are more easily able to fill technical and specialist roles. This alleviates the need for a business owner to know everything about every employee’s position.

Broadening your search provides better results.

When searching for a new employee, many business owners assume that the more advertisements they post on numerous job boards, the better their chances are in finding the right candidate. In fact, the research demonstrates that the best type of recruitment campaign, is one that is highly targeted to the right type of potential employee. Not only is it more effective, but it also saves businesses both time and money, something no owner can have enough of.

If you are seeking fresh talent for your team, or you are a job seeker looking for your dream role, Labour Hire and Recruitment can help. Give us a call today and our consultants can get the process started.