4 Misconceptions About Looking for Work With an Agency.

At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we are experienced professionals and have heard many misconceptions during our time working in the industry. Misconceptions only keep job seekers from contacting us, which can cause significant disadvantages when looking for employment. To prevent this happening, we have combined a list of the most common misconceptions job seekers have about employment services and debunk them.

Misconception 1. We only care about filling roles.

While it is true that we are constantly looking to fill positions, ultimately our goal is to find the right candidate the first time. Every time we recommend a candidate it is our reputation on the line, so we do not want to put forward a job seeker for a position they are not passionate about or ill-suited.

Misconception 2. Recruiters only look for posted positions.

When one of our clients notify us that they are looking for a new employee, we first search our database for suitable candidates. Not only does this reduce our advertising costs, and subsequently our client’s expenses, it also gives a boost to our candidates. In truth, many of our roles are not externally marketed at all. So, make sure your resume is in our database!

Misconception 3. All labour/recruitment agencies are the same.

Completely untrue. Like any industry, there is a massive variation between agencies, with culture practices and policies differing greatly. For each industry, there are agencies who specialise in recruitment in that area. At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we specialise in a range of areas including: manufacturing, administration, hospitality and construction to name a few.

Misconception 4. It’s the recruiter’s job to manage my entire job search.

We are not your career manager. We provide a valuable resource and can focus your attentions towards specific job searches, but ultimately your career it up to you. You are the expert in your career aspirations and goals. We can provide some of the tools to get there, but we cannot do all the work for you.

Why you should use an agency when looking for work.

Ultimately Labour recruitment agencies can prove valuable tools for candidates sincerely looking for work. If you are considering a change in career or would like access to experienced inside knowledge, contact us today.