Labour Hire and Recruitment is a leader in the manufacturing recruitment agencies here in Melbourne, our account managers have an in-depth understanding of all local manufacturing and operations market of Australia.

We offer recruitment service for both permanent and temporary positions at every job level including; product design, developemnt, production, maintenance, management, process development, OH&S and quality assurance.

Each of our account manager worked within a specific segment of the industry such as chemical, metal fabrication and consumer related industrial products. So we have a clear understanding of what employers need.

We are here to help you through the whole recruitment phase. We realize only one person might be needed for a particular role but it is our knowledge of the client needs and what exactly the candidate is looking for that puts us above the competition.

It’s not enough to get an employee to fill a role, you would want an employee that is built for that specific role. We all know that happy employees are more efficient, punctual, and above all more productive.

Our duty at Labour Hire and Recruitment is all about getting the right applicant to the right client. Contrary to other manufacturing recruitment agencies in Melbourne, we don’t just send you an outdated applicant who is barely capable of doing the job; we work extremely hard to find you the perfect candidate with the required qualifications, experience and attitude to get the job done rightly.

We recruit for a range of positions such as

● Assembly Line
● Fitters & Machinists
● Industrial Design
● Machine Operators
● Manufacturing Management
● Packers & Fillers
● Planning & Scheduling
● Process Worker
● Product Management & Dev
● Purchasing
● QA & QC
● Sales
● Store person & Warehousing
● Supervisor
● Toolmaker