Beat the Algorithms and Get Your CV Shortlisted

The number one problem faced by job seekers in Melbourne and Australia is the sheer amount of competition they face upon application. With so many other qualified people going for the same role, filtering down the number of candidates often takes too long when it’s done manually.

This is why recruiters call upon the help of technology from time-to-time. Automated machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) can cut down processing times to mere seconds. So, how can you make sure these machines look favourably upon your resume?

Identify the Hard and Soft Skills Required

Begin by adding all the right keywords to your CV. You can determine these by scanning job advertisements for the same role, then include things like “health and safety”, “project management”, “budget management” or anything else that may be relevant.

Soft skills are more generalised, so may include terms like “team work”, “communication” or “time management”. Use these to highlight your achievements and link them to previous job roles in which you’ve adapted these skills. Use actual facts, so instead of saying you always surpass KPI’s, explain how much you have surpassed KPI’s, for example.

Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Don’t leave the summary field of your LinkedIn profile blank, but optimise it as much as possible. Use the entire character count to highlight skills, talent and successes with the appropriate keywords. Try to steer away from unconventional job titles and choose more generic ones that are common in your industry.

General Guidelines

As with the rest of your job application, ensure your resume is free from spelling mistakes, as AI won’t be able to pick these up. A human reader would toss a CV with spelling errors in the trash, as would a machine.

Keep formatting simple. Unless you’re applying for a role that requires creativity or design, simplicity is always the best way to go. Use fonts that are easy to read, like Ariel or Times New Roman and eliminate shading or logos. Any unusual headings or borders can confuse the system.

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