The Best Way to Bolster your Workforce

You may have come across the term labour hire already and heard about businesses classified as labour hire companies, but what do these terms mean?

Labour hire is the process of contracting employees as they are needed, usually manual labour or surrounding specific projects. These are essentially outsourced employees who are hired on a contractual basis for specific lengths of time. The labourers hired are frequently skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers for large-scale projects, saving companies the time and effort to hire a large number of employees at short notice.

Labour hire companies are the firms which source the labour required for the projects. Any worker hired will act and work like any other employee while being directly employed by the labour hire agency, instead of the company. At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we are a labour hire and recruitment company, dedicated to helping companies with all their personnel needs. We are experienced in helping a range of businesses, from big to small in their labour requirements and offer a variety of benefits.

Labour hire benefits

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing labour hire, and many companies find that it suits their immediate needs better than traditional methods. The benefits also include,

  • Reduced expenses: Hiring costs including advertising, screening and training potential workers can quickly add up. The entire process can swiftly become an expensive exercise, especially when considering the cost of staff’s time spent on the entire procedure.
  • Reduced time: Using an experienced professional company like Labour Hire and Recruitment saves companies the tiresome process of going through the recruitment process. By outsourcing the entire process, companies can instead focus on more important daily tasks, like running their businesses.
  • Increased expertise: For the duration of the project, your company can hire an experienced expert who is specifically suited for the tasks required.
  • Increased flexibility: By using labour hire companies, your company can change your workforce size depending on your workload or the season of the year. Your company, knowing a particular season will be busy, can hire additional workers for that duration. Without labour hire, many companies would employ permanent workers who would not be required once the busy season was over.

If you are considering labour hire for your business, contact us at Labour Hire and Recruitment, we are committed to meeting all our client’s varying recruitment needs. Contact us today for further information on how we can help you.