Bridging the Gap

One of the most common questions both job seekers and employers ask our industry is, “what is the purpose of labour recruitment agencies? Can’t employers source new staff by themselves?”

At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we believe our purpose is to bridge the gap between businesses with vacancies and job hunters. Accordingly, we deliver several benefits to both parties, in ways they may not have considered or achieved before consulting with us.

For job seekers

Job seekers frequently approach us, seeking a professional approach to the job seeking market. Most candidates are time-poor, still working or simply do not have the time to search the entire industry. Alternatively, they approach us knowing that with our many years of experience, we are likely to hear about jobs not advertised and have a stronger understanding about current vacancies in the industry. For all these candidates, we always set up initial meetings with our experienced consultants for an initial discussion. This allows us to not only determine their expertise, and skill sets, it also enables us to delve deeper into their career goals and desired aspirations. Once in a recruitment database, it is added assistance all our consultants work hard to place our candidates with businesses

For Businesses

Businesses also benefit from utilising labour or recruitment agencies, as their needs vary tremendously. An agency can save their client a significant amount of time while delivering quality candidates for vacant positions. To deliver the best results, however, a recruitment agency needs to work closely with their client. Not only should they understand the requirement of the vacancy: the skills and qualifications, they should also look further at the company’s mission and values. All this information then offers recruitment the ability to effectively determine what a company is really looking for in their new staff member.

For both job seekers and businesses with vacancies, recruitment agencies play a vital role, forming the missing link between the two. Not only does this make it a more efficient process, but it also increased the success rate, finding the best employment solution the first time. Not only does this ensure a lasting partnership is formed, but it also places both the client and the candidate at equal importance. As a leading labour and recruitment agency in Melbourne, Labour Hire and Recruitment continually aims to ensure both our customers and our clients receive the most successful results and the best match possible. If you are looking for employment solutions, regardless if you’re a job seeker or business with a vacancy, at Labour Hire and Recruitment, we can help. Contact us today to talk to one of our experienced consultants to find out how.