Building the Right Company Culture

We talked last week about how to retain key employees by focusing on different aspects of the business. Ultimately they were all based on developing a company culture that employees wanted to be part of. However, company culture is not as hard to build as many people initially think. At its most basic level, it refers to the workplace environment, where the line of work ends and other workplace atmosphere aspects being. A positive company culture is one of the most important aspects of a business and ensures employees feel comfortable sharing ideas or opinions, where they know their work is valued. For a business, this results in more satisfied employees better productivity and ultimately increases the company’s bottom line.

If you want to improve your company culture, here are a few aspects to consider.

Focus on People

Research consistently demonstrates that happy employees are more productive, innovative and much more efficient. Employees who are happy at work are dedicated to building up their workplace, often by contributing more than expected. One of the best ways to encourage a positive business culture is to focus on your people, discover what drives them and give them tangible goals to strive towards both as individuals and as part of a team. This is the very essence of teamwork and unifies your employees together while working to develop incredible outcomes.

Have a Clear Vision

As the employee, particularly of a small business, your job is to form the goals of the company, building a clear vision and purpose. Without this aspect, it is hard to generate the kind of culture that inspires action. Employees need a purpose, something to individually and collectively strive towards. So ensure that every team member understands your mission, goals and vision to build their sense of purpose.

Create the Right Space

The company’s physical space also plays a large part in creating the right company culture. Is your current office open-plan or dotted with cubicles? The physical setup and layout directly relates to how employees perceive the workplace and can say a lot about the employer’s priorities. However, the physical space is not the only thing that conveys subconscious messages to workers. The non-physical space incorporates the communication style and message structure between management and employees. Most companies thrive better with a culture that promotes open, fair communication, somewhere that encourages employees to voice ideas and opinions.


Company culture is all about how your employees work within your business and how well they mesh together or with the business’ vision. By building the right culture, you will find it easier to find and keep the right employees to keep your business thriving. If you are looking for new employees and having trouble finding the right candidates, contact us at Labour Hire and Recruitment. One of Melbourne’s best Labour and Recruitment Agencies, we can help you locate the right match for your company culture and vacant position.