The Challenge of Technology for Job Seekers

One of the biggest challenges for employees and job seekers is managing the role the internet plays in today’s modern hiring environment. If you have applied for a job, a hiring manager will frequently turn to the internet to discover more about you. Google and other search engines have revolutionised the employment industry by creating an instant and detailed profile of job seekers. Unfortunately for the applicant, this profile can also include results that are potentially harmful to their job prospects.

For hiring managers, a simple google search is a useful tool to expand the information on a future employee.

For job seekers however is raises several crucial questions, including “How can I control what the manager will find?”

Google Yourself

The first step is to google yourself. Type in your full professional name and other keywords like past job titles. Take note of your results, what appears under what variation of your name, and if there are any results that you would not want a future boss discovering.

Build a professional profile

It is highly recommended you invest in a professional online profile before applying to jobs. Not only do websites like LinkedIn rank highly for your name and job title. They also deliver a professional reputation that hiring managers’ find credible. Another way to build a positive reputation online that will create the right impression, is through a personal website or blog. While a personal website creates another professional profile, a blog provides a good snapshot of your personality and opinion on current industry events.

Minimise bad or personal information

Sometimes the results that come up when you type your name are not particularly bad, they are just too personal to discover through a simple Google search. It is so important that anyone who is online understands how to create the right levels of security on their Facebook updates, online profiles and activity. Not only does this create greater privacy for individuals, it also ensures that when job hunting they have a stronger control over their professional online presence. Whether you simply do not want a strange hiring manager looking at personal snapshots from your life or you are attempting to minimise a bad reputation, it is important to maintain control. While Friday’s party photos might be great for friends and family, it might not give a future employer the best impression. A negative impression takes only a moment to create but requires time and effort to undo.

Keep it current

While many people create an online presence they frequently forget to keep it updated. An internet presence can be thought of as your digital resume, the backup to your physical copy. Just as your physical resume is updated when something significant happens, so too should your digital resume.

Regardless of your industry, job search stage or even career level, managing your online profile is an important aspect of maintaining a professional image. If you are setting out on the job searching process, as one of the top labour recruitment agencies in Melbourne we can help you improve your chances to find your dream employment position.