The Changing Face of Recruitment Industry

Are traditional employment methods like print advertising and labour or recruitment agencies no longer effective?

That is a question that at Labour Hire and Recruitment we have been asked by companies and job seekers alike. Changes to digital technology has seen many aspects of the recruitment industry recently undergo a transformation. One of the biggest changes is the increase in online engagement with websites aimed at job hunting and similar sites, all directed towards job hunters. With these significant changes we asked, are traditional methods still relevant?

Smart candidates and competitive online job hunting

For job seekers, the increase of online job hunting can be both highly competitive and highly rewarding. So while online database makes searching for a job easier, the competition is also greater than ever before. Smart candidates may recognise the value of diversifying their job search and expand their search channels, however, the benefit of labour or recruitment agencies should not be underestimated.

While considered a more traditional system, an agency is still a relevant method of finding employment. By enlisting an agency, a job seeker gains an advantage over other candidates in the competitive recruitment industry. One of the main ways is through the specialised industry knowledge that agencies collect in their years of operation. They are uniquely positioned to create perfect matches between seekers and employers. Ultimately a labour or recruitment agency can be the best decision a prospective employee can make.

The cost of diversifying

While job seekers can find success in diversifying, companies can quickly find themselves spread too thin. Attempting to utilise a variety of advertising channels or picking the wrong ones can quickly deplete resources. Many companies attempt to place ads in overcrowded websites or outdated print mediums, wasting their time and budget. The alternative, more streamlined approach for a company is to invest in labour or recruitment agencies like Labour Hire and Recruitment for all their hiring needs. Our staff bring an experienced perspective to recruitment and can specify the right channels for specific industries. We put this knowledge to use for the benefit of our clients, sourcing the best talent for each company regardless of industry.

Therefore, while digital technology has led to many advances in the job hunting process, traditional recruitment agencies like Labour Hire and Recruitment, are still the most effective method for employment. Ultimately the matching and networking service that we provide to companies and job seekers is something no online service can ever do as well.