Matching employers and employees with a labour hire or recruitment agency

When a perfect match occurs between an employee and an employer, it is an excellent thing. Unfortunately, it is also a rare occasion with most businesses needing to interview a large number of people, simply to find an okay fit. When using a labour hire recruitment agency, it significantly increases the possibility of achieving a perfect match.

One of the top benefits of using a recruitment agency is the level of industry experience your company receives. With many years of experience in the recruiting and interviewing process of hiring a new employee, you are truly in the hands of the experts. At Labour Hire and Recruitment, our proven experience has resulted in strong relationships across a range of industries. The relationships formed provide us with an in-depth understanding of industry needs, trends and current changes. So when a client works with us, we can build a search based on accurate information to find the perfect match for them.

We pay special attention to all our candidates, dedicated to helping them find jobs that suit their skills and goals. We conduct initial interviews where we assess the candidate on their short and long-term goals, along with their experience and expertise. They are then added to our extensive database, ready to be called when a position ideally suited for them arises. Our professional expertise ensures more suitable matches for potential candidates so they do not waste time applying for jobs which they are not ideal.

Aside from the professional dedication and expertise a labour hire recruitment agency maintains, Labour Hire and Recruitment provides access to a massive candidate database. The database is the difference between success or failure and the primary benefit for outsourcing the hiring process. For companies, we have a huge pool of candidates, pre-interviewed and waiting to fit into the ideal company. For potential candidates we have access to a range of industries and reputable companies, granting you access to prestigious interviews.

Whether you are a candidate, employer or business representative, a labour hire and recruitment agency will meet you at your level. We pride ourselves on opening future opportunities, so get in touch with us at Labour Hire and Recruitment to discover your next perfect match.