Engaging Your Workplace – Three Key Areas to Improve

With technology enabling strengthened forms of communication, the modern workplace is a constantly evolving beast. What we once thought of as a workspace has seen a rapid transformation – yet even with all these reinforcements of flexibility, creativity and the possibility of an on the go office, we still see teams that could be better motivated in the workplace.

When happier employees make for more productive teams, how can you help to generate an inspired workplace? Great teams don’t happen by accident- they are a product of consistent healthy workplace behaviours. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Bend to prevent breaking

Do you have great team members who are only limited by time? It’s important to understand the need for flexibility where possible and to see flexibility as an opportunity rather than a weakness, especially when it translates to working hours that don’t fit the social norms many employing bodies are used to. Consider that not everyone can run by the same clock- what works well for one person may not work well for the other.

Get organised

Are your team communicating via more than two main channels?  Quality over quantity is a great rule to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right organisation tools for your business. Choosing a way to communicate effectively with your teams is essential, and systems like Slack, Smartsheet and Yammer are excellent communication tools, easy to use and relatively affordable to run.

Set boundaries

A simple observation of how your teams tend to reach out to each other is a very revealing exercise for many employees. How do your teams interact when they need to discuss projects or ask questions? Unnecessary interruptions are a big gripe in the workplace. Look for areas that would benefit from boundary building and talk to your teams about healthy and productive collaboration, such as refraining from setting meetings about matters that can be resolved in a conversation or an email, and using priority flags to deal with non-urgent matters.

Lead by Example

If you want to work with people who share your ethics, you’ll need to represent yourself well. If you’re all about punctuality, authenticity and a positive mindset, don’t compromise: set your values and reinforce them regularly with great workplace habits. Send praise where it is due, for example, for those who turn in projects early, go the extra mile to get the job done or demonstrate values you particularly want to see, ensure they know their worth.

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