A Guide to Modern Recruitment Techniques

If you have positions you want to fill at your workplace, you’ll probably have a few traditional approaches to start your search. Finding the best candidates can impact the future successes of your business, but when you have other daily priorities, your focus is often elsewhere.

Take advantage of labour hire Melbourne companies. Their main job is to find the best candidate for your workforce and in such a fast-moving industry, they know the best modern recruitment techniques to adopt.

Social Media

30% of all time spent online is allocated to social media [source]. For that reason, it makes sense to advertise an open position at your company on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Focused marketing allows recruiters to target users that have already shown an interest in your niche, so there’s a high chance they’ll be interested in a career in that industry.

To attract a new generation of talent, it’s important to move in the correct spheres. The digital age of recruitment makes it easier to connect with tech-savvy talent by managing the relevant social platforms.

Video Applications

More and more companies are rejecting paper CVs and instead are asking for video CVs to challenge applicants. This method isn’t appropriate for all industries, but if it’s important that your next employees have lots of personality, creativity and can handle a video camera, this modern recruitment technique could work for your job search.

Recruitment Apps

Recruitment apps have recently begun to emerge, with mobile applications like Found being released in just the last few years.

Found incorporates modern features such as the option to swipe to browse job roles, instant messenger to connect with candidates and the opportunity to instantly send a pre-structured resume.


LinkedIn is the social media platforms for professionals, so it’s no surprise that developers launched LinkedIn Talent Solutions. With a network of qualified candidates at your fingertips, LinkedIn offers a platform to instantly reach out and connect. Recruiters are increasingly taking advantage of LinkedIn to chat to suitable users about a position offered by their client.

While the newspaper job ads section may go underused nowadays, lots of candidates are still heading to online job boards to search for their next position. While it’s important to compose a job ad to attract the right people, your posting should also include the benefits involved with working at your company.

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