How to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

Running your own company can be very exciting.However, you may find yourself constantly supervising your employees in order to meet your target output. If you have to do this all the time, there’s something seriously wrong with the way you manage your employees.

Too much rules can be frustrating to employees. It reduces their ability to decide for themselves, to make decisions and take risks. Once this happens, you are left with employees who have no other motivation for working than their paycheck.

However, when you a good grasp of what motivates your employees, they will begin to own their job and become more productive. This is when you will start to see how creative and innovative your employees can be.

They’ll do it not because they have to, but because they love their job.

Create Incentives that Boost their Self-Esteem

While employees are basically motivated by pay, there is an even stronger driver for productivity that is often overlooked by managers. It’s called self-esteem.

Boost your employees’ self-esteem through empowerment.

While money incentives encourage employees to work hard, they’ll work even twice as hard when you engage and involve them in the decision-making process.

The effect of boosting your employees’ self-esteem is two fold:

  • It makes them feel good about themselves
  • It makes them want to contribute more to your cause

Provide Feedback on a Regular Basis

Providing accurate feedback is key to keeping employees aligned to company goals and objectives. An even better strategy is to create a closed system of feedback loops.

This will allow employees to self-regulate their actions depending on the feedback they’re getting.

Through this feedback system, your employees should be able to fine-tune their actions without you having to supervise them all the time.

Show Your Employees Respect

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Treat them well and with respect. By respecting your employees you are showing them that you truly care about them.

Give Adequate Training to All Members of the Management Team

Management is the first line to start motivating your employees. Train your managers to be leaders, not bosses.

A boss simply barks orders while a true leader inspires others to do their job well – even without supervision.

Support Your Employees When They Have Problems

Employees can have problems at home or even on the job. When these problems come up, the employees will have to deal with them.

As a leader, you need to be there to give your employees the support they need.This will assureyour employees that you really care for them, which in turn will deepen their loyalty to you and your business.

Be a Role Model to Your Employees

Always act with decorum and professionalism. Exercise sound judgment when hearing out your employees or trying to understand their problems.

Running your own company can be exciting, but it is also full of challenges. Your focus should not only be on your company’swell-being, but your employee’s welfare as well.

There’s an old saying that goes,“Take care of your employees and they will take care of you.”It is as true today as it was a hundred years ago.

Empowering your employees to become super performers is built on the foundation of caring and trust. Take care of your employees and watch your profits soar.