How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

Often the most stressful part of applying for jobs is getting through the interview phase. What can make this part of job seeking even more stressful is when you are put up against multiple applicants in a group interview. This technique is often used as a way for businesses to quickly sort out their applicants. While this may be a convenient technique for the employer, it can be a terrifying ordeal for the candidates.

The aim of a group interview for a candidate is to stand out. The following tips will help you gain an edge over the competition.

Arrive Early

This doesn’t mean arrive a few minutes early. Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early so you can take the time to relax and become comfortable in the environment. You can take this time to observe your surroundings, the posters, notes on boards and even the existing staff. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the workplace environment and the kind of values they appreciate.

Do Your Research

This tip applies to cover letters, individual interviews as well as group interviews. You want to ensure you are prepared prior to entering the interview. Research the company and get an idea of what it is they do, how they do it and most importantly WHY. Every business has a strong mission and particular set of values that they believe in. Ensure you are aware of what drives the company and align your answers and demeanour to suit. For example, if you apply for a business that puts hard work as their number one priority, describe yourself as a dedicated worker. The more you fit the values of the business, the more you will stand out as an ideal candidate.

Don’t Be a Know It All

While it is good to show confidence and knowledge, you don’t want to be overbearing in an interview. One of the main qualities recruitment agencies and employers will be searching for in an interview is your confidence and ability to work in a team environment. By confidently answering questions, but supporting the answers of others, you will display your team work skills as well as your ability to take control when necessary. If you can provide intelligent answers without dominating the conversation, you will form a good impression in the mind of the recruiter.

Be Polite and Respectful

Present your best self in the interview. Smile and be attentive while others are speaking and support their answers. By listening to the answers of others and engaging in conversation you will show your potential employer that you possess a polite and friendly manner. At the end of the interview thank the interviewer and say goodbye to your fellow candidates. Displaying your ability to be a team player and positive sport will help to make you appear as an easy to work with employee.

While group interviews can be a scary experience, by preparing yourself and remembering to be polite you will be able to survive them comfortably. Standing out from the crowd is less about being the loudest person in the room, but rather the best team player.