What Industries Can Benefit Most from Labour Hire

Labour hire companies are a great option for almost all industries. With that said, there are some industries in particular which benefit the most from outsourcing to hiring and management services specialists.

Industries that require a wide variety of qualified workers with unique skill sets can benefit from using a recruitment company. A company that knows the industry-specific requirements can provide labourers on short notice that are already trained and prepared to jump right in.


If there is any industry that can benefit from pre-formed teams of highly skilled labourers, it is construction.

With the need for workers who can perform high stakes jobs quickly, efficiently and safely, construction companies often turn to outside sources. Once the hiring process has been taken care of by an outside company, they can focus on producing quality work to strict deadlines.


The manufacturing industry has a huge variety of unique roles that need to be filled, from assembly lines to supervisors and designers. When trying to find skilled workers to fill these roles, manufacturers’ valuable time is being wasted.

By outsourcing, factories can spend every minute producing their goods without worrying about who they are hiring and what training they are receiving.


Due to fluctuations in the workforce and changing projects and requirements, there is always a need for reliable and trained staff for warehouses.

The process of hiring, training and managing a shifting workforce can be a strain on management, who can benefit from stability. An agency can be a dependable partner for warehouses.


From bartenders to cooks and housekeepers to bellhops, the needs of the hospitality industry are so varied that it’s a full-time job to find professional and trustworthy staff.

Employees are all thoroughly screened and trained, so they are a guaranteed good fit. If for some reason an employee doesn’t fit in well, the agency should send a replacement until the right person is found.


Reliable, dependable assistants are vital to organised and efficient administration. Roles from call centre positions to data entry and even management roles can be filled with employees from an agency’s skilled labour pool.

Finding qualified staff every time is vital to administrators who deal with large amounts of paperwork and confidential information. Instead of taking all the responsibility for hiring and managing assistants, labour hire companies can take the responsibility and guarantee professional staff.


Retailers don’t just need workers, they need team members. Dedication and passion for the brand is a must, which is why good labour hire companies hire based on personality as well as skill.

For all these industries and others, outsourcing labour is the safest and best option for hiring and managing professional, skilled and trustworthy staff. With our dedicated departments and expert support staff, Labour Hire and Recruitment understands the needs of each of these unique industries and has a pool of highly-qualified candidates who have been specially trained for their respective industries.