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The Need for Labour Hire Companies in any Business Environment

In today’s business environment, Labour hire companies play a crucial role. Businesses depend on them to provide their man power needs and manage the pay roll processing.  They are now often looked upon as an extension of the HR department.

Organisations that facilitate hiring; act as a bridge between companies and job applicants. This can help seekers and companies for both skilled and unskilled positions. Those looking for work can send their resumes to the hiring company. The company will then call them for an interview regarding their goals and objectives. Experienced career consultants assess their qualifications and enter the applications in a database. Companies wishing to hire personnel then inform the agencies of the job requirements. The most suitable applicants can then be selected from the database of applicants and sent for a final interview.

There are a number of benefits to businesses using this process. First, the recruitment process speeds up,using an existing database of job ready applicants.There is no need to start the long labour-intensive process of advertising and screening the submitted applications. This part is taken care of by the labour hire companies in the initial interview. During the initial contact with the applicant, preliminary interviews are also conducted by in-house consultants. This cuts down on the number of interviews, as only a final interview with the business is needed. This saves substantial amounts of time for companies and allows them to get with operating their business.

Another benefit is the cost. Businesses who hire someone to find them applicants, can also save on advertising. Recruitment organisations have special arrangements with print and media businesses. They then pass this discount to the businesses who use them to fill vacancies.

Labour Hire and Recruitment is one of the leading labour hire companies,offering top of the line recruitment services. Our career consultants are all highly qualified and have years of experience in their field. Thus you can be sure that the job seekers we interview and send to you will exactly meet your requirements.

For job seekers, we act as a stepping stone to a successful career that matches your goals and aspirations.

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