Finding the best staff for your business - first time, every time.

LHR is Australia's No.1 choice For Labour Hire and Recruitment.

At Labour Hire and Recruitment we understand that one of the most important factors for running a successful business is having a passionate and proficient team of workers.

We employ only the highest calibre of recruiters to ensure that you get the best the market has to offer. Each one of our recruiters has extensive experience in the field they recruit and we spare no expense by giving our recruiters the best tools, systems and processes to make them both efficient and effective in their search.

Every one of our recruiters has over 10 years specialist experience recruiting in their industry or the equivalent of working in their specified industry at a senior level. This is our edge and what separates us from the competition. We standby the people we put forward and for this reason every candidate put forward comes with a guarantee. We consider ourselves the answer to everything that is wrong in this industry and for this reason it has become the cornerstone of our success. We do not consider you our clients but our strategic business partners and like any good partnership we always look to building long standing relationships to ensure the success of your organisation.

Your success is our success through saving you time and money!


Services we Provide

Outsourcing payroll services with us allows you to focus solely on your business functions and relieves you of the tasks associated with managing your own payroll.

Networking opportunities

From time to time we host selected clients at events such as concerts, AFL games and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Our groups are always selected with like-minded people and industries in mind, therefore providing an opportunity for people to effectively network with others in their field or industry.