The Role of Labour Recruitment Agencies in the Hiring Process

Labour recruitment agencies play an important role in the hiring process. They are beneficial in different ways to two different clients – employers and job seekers. Agencies provided the link between these two parties saving time, resources and major expenses.

For job seekers or those looking to change their career, labour recruitment agencies are blessing. Like many recent graduates, you may be completely ignorant about the job seeking process. You might not even know which type of work would fulfil your ultimate career goals. The answer is sending a resume to a recruitment agency. There you will need to list your qualifications, experience and ultimate career goals. Experienced career consultants with a strong knowledge of the industry will scrutinise your application. They will then call you in for a preliminary interview. After further discussion of your requirements, your name is added to their comprehensive database. As soon as a company reports a vacancy matching your requirements, you will be informed. They will then advise you on the requirements for appearing at the final interview.

As a company owner, whenever a vacancy arises, you have to go through a long and tedious process. The process started with advertising in a variety of media. Applications then need to be sorted, candidates shortlisted and interviews conducted. All before making any final selection. The entire process is expensive and takes a lot of time. Even for one vacancy the entire process must be followed. Contacting a labour hire agency instead, quickens the work and cuts down expenses. They have job seekers in their database to exactly matches your specifications. Experienced industry consultants conduct their preliminary interviews with each job-seeker. You will then only require a final interview of the suitable applicants sourced.

Other HR functions like payroll management are also conducted by labour recruitment agencies. These roles include electronic time sheeting, employee registration and weekly pay-runs. They can also provide pay advice and guidance on Industrial Relation Compliance. One of the top labour recruitment agencies in Melbourne is Labour Hire and Recruitment. In business since 2012, we pride ourselves on providing the best candidates to companies. We provide candidates who precisely match their requirements in the shortest time possible. By comprehensively completing this process we save businesses time and money. For this reason, top Australian businesses trust us to conduct their total recruitment process. We have quickly established ourselves in this field through our excellent customer service. Our strong commitment to fulfilling your HR needs, is the reason behind our excellent reputation.

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