LinkedIn Profiles: Is Yours Talking You Up?

On the back of our last blog about the foothold LinkedIn has in a modern jobseeking journey, we talked about how LinkedIn played a vital role for recruiters, jobseekers and employers alike.

Having established that the function of LinkedIn is to provide insight into your professional capacity, where skills, accomplishments, current projects and ambition are useful and visible to contacts, the next step is to polish up your understanding of what an effective LinkedIn profile has going for it.

So how do you ham up your LinkedIn profile so it’s a good job seeking ally? We’ve put together a group of must-do tips for the best results on the LinkedIn landscape:

  1. Be Visible.

When it comes to your LinkedIn picture, you’ll want to put more effort in to ensuring it translates as professional. If your selfie game isn’t solid, your LinkedIn profile isn’t the place to test the waters. Besides the obvious about looking professional and tidy for your image, think about the obvious: the standard for LinkedIn pics are head and shoulder shots that are taken in a neutral setting.

TIP: Imagine the employer of your dreams opening a drawer by accident and finding your headshot and CV looking back up at them. That’s the first impression. When you decide on a photo, it should be something you’re confident a potential employer would be compelled to take out of the drawer.

  1. Don’t skip the intro

LinkedIn can be a boring place to be. Which is good and bad, because obviously, no one likes to be bored- and good because an engaging profile stands out by a country mile. Headlines are important. If you’re looking for work, think about what you most want your potential employer to know about you: why should they keep the drawer open? Be honest and open but concise in your headline: we want to know WHY, not WHO.

  1. It’s a social scene, so make sure you’re approachable.

Here’s the drawer theory again, and it’s at this point it’s worth noting that LinkedIn is much more transparent that Facebook is. Your likes, searches, and comments are often easy to find, and unlike Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to see who looks at your profile unless you’re a paid member with privacy privileges.

Want your potential employer to take your CV out of the drawer? It pays to be mindful and remember LinkedIn is a different beast- don’t say, do or engage with any material in a way that might be deemed unprofessional. Yes, it’s a social platform, but it’s probably best to think of LinkedIn as less of a catch up with friends and more of a pre-meeting boardroom chat.

LinkedIn is a great tool that gets fantastic results when it is used to the best of its ability. If you’re still not sure about what works well on a LinkedIn profile, a consultation with one of our recruiters can help get you on the right track. For more information, talk to the team at Labour Hire and Recruitment today, call on 03 50020030 today.