What Millennials Want in the Workplace in 2018

Millennials are both the present and the future of the workforce. They’re well-educated, eager to work, and most are keen to pay off crippling student debt. It’s only natural that forward-thinking workplaces are doing more to accommodate the requirements of Australian millennials in today’s age.

Millennials, or “gen-Y”, or even the “selfie generation” are different to the generations that came before them. They’re much more mobile, they know their way around a computer and they have better access to the world around them.

So, with 2018 looming, we took a look at what it is that will make this generation want to stick around for longer in a job. It’s never been easier to job-hop, but is money still the main component in job satisfaction?

Professional Development

When millennials consider a job, they’re likely to consider whether they can see future career development in that position. Not satisfied with staying static, 47% said they would only consider an employer if there were promotional opportunities.

Young people are more likely to stay in a job if they feel like they’re being challenged, appreciated and they have a lot of variety in their work.

The Chance to Make a Difference

14% of millennials interviewed want their job to have a purpose. If they can help others, whilst learning and challenging themselves, many feel this adds more meaning to their jobs.

51% of interviewees say they chose a job simply because it’s a role they enjoy.

Flexibility to Travel or Take Time Off

There are now more opportunities to explore new corners of the world, and millennials want to be able to take advantage of that. Many have expressed the desire to be able to buy annual leave so they’re able to take time to travel. In fact, 1 in 5 of those surveyed consider this a “must-have” in any workplace.

Over half of those asked would like flexibility in their work schedule and the chance to work remotely. Of course, this only works for particular industries, but employers and employees alike are seeing the benefits of remote staff.

A good work-life balance is essential to maintaining a sound mental state, and allowing employees time off for themselves will usually ensure they return feeling fresher and more productive than ever.

Is your workplace ready for 2018? Millennials are the business leaders of the future, and their desires indicate how the marketplace could be set to change. Contact labour recruitment agencies that cater to companies in Melbourne and the rest of Australia for access to qualified and professional job seekers today.

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