Top Questions to Ask Your Labour Hire Company

Trusting someone else with your labour needs is always a little nerve-wracking. While there are many benefits to using labour hire employment, some risk is involved with any new business partnership. Hence the importance of choosing the right labour hire company from the options available here in Melbourne.

In order to make an informed decision, be aware of a company’s business practices before you sign on. There are a few basic questions you should ask before deciding which company is a good match.

What are your safety practices?

Safety first is not just a saying. Health and safety should be the number one priority for everyone involved in labour hire employment.

For starters, does the agency want to do an onsite assessment of your business? Not sending an inspector indicates either a lack of either care or resources, both of which are deal breakers in such a vital partnership.

Proper health and safety practices won’t stop after the initial inspection. Ask whether the agency will conduct regular checks for changes that might affect employee safety.

How do you recruit?

Get a basic understanding of the recruitment process. Find out how the company selects candidates. Discuss how much training the employees receive, and how qualified they are for your specific requirements.

Background screening is also vital to labour hire employment. Make sure the company is doing proper check and pre-testing on all their employees before sending them out to host employers.

Choose a company that has prior expertise in your industry. Industry experience means recruiters know how to select and train the right people. Look for a large pool of highly qualified candidates. The more trained talent available, the more likely there will be great matches for your business.

What are your employment policies?

Find out if the employees are casual, permanent, or subcontracted. Ask about wages, payroll schedule, benefits, superannuation and the other terms and conditions. Check if the agency is providing the appropriate insurance and workers compensation. A company that cares for its employees well is likely to extend the same good practices to working with clients.

How you do communicate?

Discuss the established process for communicating information and concerns. A good company should have regular contact with clients to ensure everything is going smoothly and resolve any performance issues.

Is the agency is prepared to handle the management of its employees? A good agency will be prepared to take feedback, evaluate any problems, and send replacements if necessary.

At Labour Hire and Recruitment, one of our core values is transparency. We value open communication in our business relationships, and we know you do, too. Based locally in Melbourne, we strive to maintain a close working relationship with our clients to ensure satisfaction. Please contact us with any questions about our processes and how we get the job done.