Have You Recently Leapt On Board With A Recruitment Agency?

Job hunting can be a brutal world. For the most part, it’s highly competitive, and when it’s not fast paced it can be painfully slow moving. Every job seeker learns at some point that there’s only one way to win, and that’s to make your job seeking adventure count.

A great job agency is on your side.

A great recruiter can’t wait to hear those magic words,“I’ve been offered the position.” A great job agency will stick with you right up until those words are your own. But, as mentioned, those are words that don’t come easy and you’ll need to work with your agency closely for best results. Here are the biggest tips for building an effective and productive experience with the agency you’ve signed up to.

Be reliable.

Reliability translates as a starring quality in any employee. Punctuality is an attribute that goes a long way in the initial job search. Show up for your appointments as though they were interviews themselves. Make the calls you promised you would. Respond to emails as they arrive. Most importantly, show up for yourself to keep up with the momentum. Dropping the ball for a break in your job hunt is okay, but avoid leaving communications on the backburner too long.

Ask Questions.

Preparing for meetings and interviews puts you ten paces ahead by asking any questions you may have as they come up. This might sound obvious, but for many job-seekers, the need to feel like you’re not guessing can seep into everything. Your agency is there to help, so fire away and get those niggling queries out in the open.

Be Patient. A great recruitment agency knows how to place a candidate perfectly for the job. This is a process that can’t be rushed. It can be helpful to arrange regular updates with a good consultant and make sure any updates and questions are answered so you’re kept in the loop at all stages, but patience is key. Ask your consultant about scheduling a communication update to make sure things are moving the way they should be!

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