Find Melbourne Retail Job Opportunities with the Lead Recruitment Agency.

Labour Hire and Recruitment is a frontrunner amongst retail recruitment agencies in Melbourne, we staffing and recruitment services that are effectively for your business needs. We understand that with the right employees in your stores and in your back-end-offices your business grows rapidly. It’s much more than just having workers who are technically qualified; it involves having workers who understand your business, with specify experience in working with your kind of product’s, and who can represent you well. Whether you’re a fashion retailer looking for extra workers at stocktake and the busy sales periods, or an exotic brand looking for professional help to get you the perfect sales team, Labour Hire and Recruitment is your best choice.

Our retail recruitment experts aim to make the recruitment process very easy and stress free for you. We work arround the clock to ensure that you not only get best candidates out there who fit your needs, but also that you’re not bothered with the vetting, including verifying licenses and tickets where needed.

We help clients with finding the right people to fill these roles:

● Sales assistant
● Sales supervisor
● Store hand
● Distribution manager
● Warehouse staff
● Shop assistant
● Stocktake assistant
● Payroll officer
● Accounts payable/receivable officer
● Administrator
● Store manager
● Area manager
● Regional manager
● Buyer
● Department coordinator
● Merchandise planner
● Visual merchandiser