Seven Secrets for Dealing with a Bad Boss

Bosses typically come in one of two ways – good or bad. You know when you have a good boss, because it is a pleasure to work with them and you cherish every moment with them.A bad boss on the other hand makes you dread going to work each day.

Here are seven proven tips for dealing with a bad boss while keeping your productivity up.

Know why your boss is being mean to you

Figuring out a bad boss is first step toward dealing with them. Find out why your boss is being mean to you. The reason could be that your boss is having problems at home. It could also be because of certain situations at work. Try looking into these things first when dealing with your boss.

What must you do to get your boss’ approval?

By answering this question, you will start to learn more about what pleases your boss and how you can overcome the stigma of working for a bad boss and make him/her look more like a great boss.

Get behind your boss and help him or her succeed

No matter how irrational your boss’ plans are, the smartest thing to do is to give your boss your full support.However, this doesn’t mean you should just be a “yes person.” If you think it’s a bad strategy, tell your boss, but do it behind closed doors. If your boss still insists with their plan, then give your boss your 100 percent support.

Never let your boss’ bad behavior affect your work

Using your boss’ bad behavior as an excuse for slacking off will never pay off.Maintain your composure and professionalism. Continue doing a great job even if your boss is being mean to you. If your boss is narrow minded, don’t stoop down to their level. Trying to get even by slacking off or telling others how bad your boss is will only give your boss a good reason to get rid of you.

Elevate the matter with the superiors in the company

If it gets to the point where you seem to have ran out of options, follow proper administrative procedures for resolving grievances with your boss. As tempting as it may seem,badmouthing your boss is never a good idea. It will reflect poorly on you, making you look very unprofessional. Instead, follow correct procedures for lodging your complaints with higher level supervisors.

Adapt to what your boss likes

Observe your boss’ personal style, behavior and quirks. The idea is to try to mimic this behavior so your boss will feel that you two are communicating well. When this happens it’s likely that you and your boss will develop a smoother relationship.

Don’t be a pushover

If your boss yells at you, keep your composure and continue doing a great job. Don’t give your boss the satisfaction of his or her behavior by showing fear or reacting in anger. Instead find a way to find a common ground between you and your boss and see if the bullying stops.If the bullying still continues, then follow proper administrative procedure for resolving the issue.