The Advantage of Flexible Workers

The changing face of employment is not just reflected in business structures. It is also changing how employees work. From employees who choose their own hours, to jobs with the potential to work from home or flexible full-time employment.

While these are heralded as welcome benefits for employees, businesses might be hesitant at first glance. However, the advantages for employers outweigh the challenges in having some or even all of your staff on a flexible employment structure. The method may not work for certain industries which require physical workers, however, professional workplaces are discovering the revolutionising benefits.

Working from a Distance. While flexible working does not make sense for every industry, business or even work role, it delivers incredible benefits for some employment positions. Modern technology provided the additional support to work that is completely location-independent. Web-based applications, tracking software and even the emergence of mobile phones has helped employees communicate effectively with businesses and customers wherever they are. Employers can easily save money on office space and supplies with flexible or non-location based employees. If your employees are also across several time zones, your business can confidently expand its operating hours and reach more customers.

Setting their Own Schedules. When you give your workers control over their own schedule it can actually increase their productivity. Studies continually demonstrate that sometimes the best working tactic is to break up the working time, only focusing during either intense times or when it best suits an employee’s schedule. Employees are more productive when their other needs are taken care of and employers sometimes discover that flexible hours or days can deliver better results. While it might take a bit of time and experimentation to work out the specific details, switching to flexible days or hours can deliver businesses unexpected benefits.

Happy Employees are Better Employees. Ultimately the main benefit of building a flexible workplace is the freedom it gives employees and employers. Employees can regain control over their lifestyle and balance their work with both the needs of their family and the business. For example, if an employee needs to take an emergency sick day, they can easily adjust their work hours. Research has demonstrated that employees with a sense of control over their schedule, demonstrate an overall better performance and increased productivity.

Additional Benefits of Flexible Working. Your business can easily benefit from investigating flexible working structures. While it might not be appropriate for every worker, many can be shifted to flexible employment given some investigative thinking.

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