Tips for Graduates Looking for Work

When you finish school, college or university, you’ll experience a feeling of freedom like no other. You have all of this free time and no classes to attend! Enjoy that feeling, because it doesn’t last long. Very soon, the realisation that it’s time to find a job will dawn on you.

Finding your first job when you’re fresh out of your studies is an exciting time, but it can be intimidating too. How are you supposed to compete with experienced applicants, when all you have is a piece of paper with your grades?

The good news is that many employers and recruitment agencies are actively seeking out graduates. You’re forward-thinking, hungry for knowledge and are still in the learning mindset. Here are some tips to start your journey after graduation and get your foot firmly in the door.

1. Make use of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies exist to help match you to your perfect job. You’re the next generation of talent and you have picked up some very specific skills throughout your studies. It’s easy to schedule an interview with a recruitment consultant, so they can perform a career analysis and determine which job opportunities would suit you.

Their job is to find you a job, and they can even help out with interviewing tips and other queries you might have.

2. Use Job Apps and Professional Platforms

Take a break from Facebook and browse professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently released an app called LinkedIn Students that’s designed to help graduates find work. It’s a way for you to discover jobs that aren’t listed anywhere else, get recommendations and explore different career paths.

Job searching is made even simpler with the development of “Tinder-style” apps like Found. Simply swipe right on the jobs that appeal to you and your resume will be sent straight to the recruiter.

3. Go to Networking Events

Networking events in Melbourne are available for you to show others you’re in the market for a new job. Try to approach these events with confidence and be well-prepared. Take a business card, explain to people what you do and what you’re looking for, and keep in touch with new contacts.

 4. Ensure your Resume is Attractive

Getting your resume spic n’ span is the first step when looking for a job. Employers can spot a generic resume from a mile off. Try tailoring your resume to each job application, always highlighting your most relevant skills and experience.

Keep the layout professional and always proof-read. Just one error in your resume reduces your chance of being shortlisted by 30-45%. Attention-to-detail is everything when you’re trying to make a good impression.

You can always do yourself a favour by preparing for a job as you study. Many employers will be disappointed if you apply for a job without any previous working experience at all. Take advantage of part-time jobs and internships that you can do side-by-side with your education.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the world of work, recruitment agencies in Melbourne can show you how.