What industries use Labour Hire?

Labour hire is its most simple form is the provision of outsourcing employment for both skilled and unskilled, long and short term positions. While typically associated with manual and labour intensive industries, it can also be useful for businesses across a range of different industries within Australia.

More and more, Australia’s workforce face is changing how businesses and employers view their employment options for hiring staff. For many industries, full-time employment does not provide the ideal solution for skilled or unskilled labour.

Not just Construction

While traditionally associated with labour hire employment options, the construction industry is not the only one to benefit from project-based workers. Enabling employers to source the right highly-skilled workers for individual projects and specific jobs, a number of companies and a range of positions can benefit from flexible employment options.

Projects including, major inventory, landscaping and renovations, along with special events and grand openings all benefit from additional skilled workers. Not matter the focus of your business, there will be a short-term project that requires a candidate with a specific skill set. Not only can a person be hired for the temporary project, but they could also simply be employed for the short time their knowledge and expertise is needed.

At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we specialise in labour hire, pairing exceptionally skilled workers with the right businesses in their time of need. We pride ourselves in finding the right people for the right jobs.

While many people might think that they can do their own local labour hire, there are a few reasons why you should utilise a hire/recruitment company. One of the main benefits our clients find while using us, is the speed everything happens.

Advertising, recruiting, interviewing and then recruiting can take a lot of time which many companies who are working on time-sensitive projects, can ill afford. At Labour Hire and Recruitment, we have already conducted the initial recruitment stages and can quickly pull the right candidates from our database. This gives companies results and candidates for final interviews, faster and more efficiently. All without the added cost of extended advertising campaigns or manpower for interviews.

With so many different industries requiring workers, it is also important that when seeking labourers, your recruitment company knows what they are doing. Our consultants are specialists in their industry area, so they intimately understand the requirement your business needs. Not only are our consultants experienced in the minuet differences between the different industries, but they are also highly connected. Using their network, our consultants have access to highly skilled candidates and can source the right worker for the precisely the time they are required.

So, with a wide range of benefits to using a labour hire company like Labour Hire and Recruitment, contact us today to discuss your employment needs. One of our knowledgeable consultants can help you achieve the project results you have always dreamed of.